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Hill Street Special

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Hill Street Special
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Hill Street Blues

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May 12, 2003


Sativa-Indica hybrid. Seems to be hydro but not sure.


Light green fluffy & fuzzy weed. The buds are quite "puffy", with larger leaves covered with resin crystals left on and numerous light-orange hairs.


Upon opening the bag, the herb is a bit dank and cellar-scented. As it is broken up, it goes to a much more sweet-mint smell. Super mild.


You can really taste that it's got a heavy Afghan influence in it's heritage. Minty, and almost aroma-therapeutic, like a throat lozenge or a Fisherman's Friend.


I am not too "quick" after toking this! I feel relaxed body-wise, yet still a bit visually tripped out! An odd combo, but it works out with little or no paranoia; you are just comfortably numb.


A nice weed to smoke for a chill vibed, heavy-eyed evening in. Pick out a trippy DVD like The Wall and be prepared for a super-relaxed night with a bit of "trippy-ness" in there for good measure!

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Hill Street Blues

Warmoesstraat 52a
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