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Mar 20, 2003


A Sativa/Indica Hybrid that really looks a lot like a darker green and yellow Jack Herer.


Whatever its genetics, this weed looks awesome up close and under light: Powder-caked, fuzzy almost furry weed, a Spider Leg strain! That is what I call weeds like this that look almost like a hairy tarantula spider leg... Stoney. OK, back to reality: These buds are very resin-covered with a complete yellow frosting over darker green leaves. Tiny multi-coloured crystals cover calyxes that have sprouts of hairs shooting out from here and there. no grinder needed, it fingers up beautifully; not too dry, not too wet. Perfect.


Breaks up a bit "pine tree", with a danky (muf, NL) odour. It's one of those odd, funky scents that for some odd reason you just like to keep smelling over and over again...


In the vapo, this is stuff is a bit medicinal in taste. Then there is also a light mild salty licorice drop flava. It burns really well in a spliff, getting resinous and even more flavourful as it burns down.


There is a Barrel Roll feeling you get with this high that is like you are having a head-over-toe flip! Don't stand up too quick or you may be pullin' a whitey! This weed is strong with a heavy effect; you may wanna toast this one up at the end of the long day for all of you Smokers Guide Friends visitors who will be here next week for the SGF cup 2003!


One more thing, make sure you break up this herb in a tin; it leaves a spoonful of crystals wherever you skin up! I suppose they call this strain B52 because it bombs you more than an AK47 can blow you away! Yes, this one is a solid choice for a mind-blowing, Zombified-high. You'll be walkin' around like the undead, bumping into walls and shit!

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