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Phazer 2002

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Phazer 2002
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Cafe 420 De Kuil

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Nov 26, 2002


100 % Sativa, Bio grown.


Packed with gorgeous little calyxes, this weed always has a grape cluster shape. Sorry I gotta stop writing this bullocks and enjoy the high for awhile! Ok i'm back, and man this weed has got some serious orange-brown hairs! They look like the ends of a frayed wire-mesh screen. Prickly Coli.


Cat piss! (First open, of course) Really, this is a unique twist on the usual haze smell. This is much more of a spice scent: Rich, luxurious, "alien", in an alluring manner!


This is nice because you DO get a bit more of the luxury spice flava. This has got an exotic appeal. For those of you who've smoked heaps o' strong Indicas and hybrids that lean to a skunky coffee or minty flav (the usuals), or those that also go more toward berry flav (rarer still), this is pure spice with subtle under layers! I had to smoke this pure in skinny pin joints to avoid "resination flava contamination".


First of all, this gear can put you into a barrrel roll! Visual and audio too. I toked in a room with the blinds angled down with sun beams cascading in and an oven fan drafting it all out.... vrrrhhhhmmmmmmmm... I shut my eyes and held on tight, like I was falling out of control in a jet plane. That's the kinda trip you can go on, if you are open for it. I'm as pro as they come (tolerance-wise), and this stuff still affected me beyond. It also had me pacing back and forth, buzzin', ampin', thinking about B.D.T.S. articles to write and so on...


Really nice new version. Last year's Cannabis Cup entry looked a lot darker. This is greener and meaner. FX are highly inspirational and trippy. A unique sample all around. I'm glad 420 Cannabis Cafe De Kuil has the balls to enter a purer Sativa in the CC again, although it is possible they may enter the strain called "Knockout" but I haven't seen it yet. I think true canna-seurs will know what's what amongst the sea of hybrid greens at the Cup!

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Cafe 420 De Kuil

Oudebrugsteeg 27
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