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Cafe 420 De Kuil

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Jul 21, 2002


Pure Sativa (well at least one of the purest they've seen!) Bio-organically grown.


Light and dark green. Not too heavy in weight but not quite "light and fluffy" either. Fairly well packed for a long sativa. Few blade-like leaves left on after manicuring.


A very faint ammonia-cleaning product smell. Then there's a bit of desert cactus wildflower smell that I can never pinpoint. It's lovely and fresh though and will have you drooling for that first toke!


Speaking of that.... I rolled my first spliff of this, took a dry hit, where you take a long draw off the joint before lighting it, to examine the flavour better.


The high is quite involved. By this I mean that it's kinda like taking magic mushrooms; you'd better plan ahead for a few hours of being "out of it"... pleasantly dazed and confused for quite awhile!


This is a great strain; well presented with a lovely manicure and smooth cure this one's not to be missed! Those of you interested in trying the vapouriser may be better off trying a different strain for that. Smoking Phazer in De Kuil's "Volcano" is a bit hard as the Sativa strains seem to burn "hotter" than Indica or Afghani varieties. Go figure. But don't let that stop you from enjoying a fat pure spliff of Phazer; like the Star Trek weapon, it can stun you at it's weakest setting. Be ready to "beam up" space-headz!

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Cafe 420 De Kuil

Oudebrugsteeg 27
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