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Cafe 420 De Kuil

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Aug 8, 2002


Hydro, no further info available.


Light “mustard yellow” green with few coli, this is beautifully manicured gear. The genetics make the plant compact and maximizes out every lateral area for growing and development. These are solid nuggets of gold; the types that Canna-Nerds will pull out their pocket magnifiers and slide rules for! I wish American Andy was here with his little “light scope” he brings so I could see these wicked crystals which are long thin and reaching out at ya like clear coloured needles!


Nothing too shocking here; initially a wet hay scent but as it’s broken up you get mainly floral and sweet smells. A hyrbrid of strains often produces a hybrid of scents….


A fresh flav of sweet mint in the vapouriser. When I smoked a spliff of it at Dance Valley, there was much more of a leathery-musky animal flav in the joint as the resin built up. (Of course it also coulda been from what someone who shared the joint had been snackin’ on….. YUCK!!!)


Visually speaking this shit IS a Dreamweaver. You really have flashy “tracer-like” trippy vision. Usually these type of “trippy’s” make me a little sleepy when it’s over but not this! It really lifts you up and has you acting silly. You forget your thoughts and in many cases look quite stupid to those who haven’t been smoking with you! I came in my house wearing my sunglasses, tripped over the wastebin knocking garbage all over the place and proceeded to laugh it off! The next session, I started to lock, then unlock then relock the front door trying to get the damn thing open! The neighbours walked by looking at me nervously as if I was some sort of lunatic… “no”, just dreamweavin’!


No worries weed. Beginners may be overwhelmed by the visuals but pros will love the “mad-ness”. This was one of the 4 strains (excluding hash) I brought to Dance Valley last weekend. Every year I bring my fav 4 to get me through 15 hours of non-stop partying. Dreamweaver was “slotted in” from 1 to 4 pm; the part of the day that you need to get through to the night activity.... happily!

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Cafe 420 De Kuil

Oudebrugsteeg 27
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