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El Guapo Special
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El Guapo

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Oct 10, 2001


Sativa/PP cross. Bio.


Quite swollen with long light brown /orange hairs. Breaks up real softly in an odd way; have you ever felt the dead and slightly dried body of a moth or bee? Weird, but that's what you get when you break this up...


A bit wheat scented. A tinge of sweetness but real subtle. Nothing devine here, it could be like any number of herbs based on scent alone.


This is nice particularly in long pipe or joint. It burns smooth and with not so much resin build-up. The flav is abit floral with sweetness that follows. Quite nice as I enjoyed it with a Vin Blanc and some Thai Fish Cookies. Sweet as!


Damn, this stuff is visual. You know I have to light, then write but my words are now faster than I can get 'em to paper. A heavy feelin' sweeps de backside of my eyes and moves down to the underside of my neck. Like a large, dull stone it rests on my neck as if it's attached under the skin. This is some scary Marilyn Manson or Aphex Twin shit. I feel as if the world can see this stone lodged under me skin; AAAAHHH!!!!


Well seeing as I made it through that stoney-strange trip with a bit o' body-dead paranoia, I would really only recommend this to veteran smokers. It's a Sativa mainly but it exhibits darker PP sides as well and that should be accounted for. Overall a top-notch bud and one that I hope will get some recognition by judges later this month...

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