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Crystal Moroccan

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Crystal Moroccan
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El Guapo

shop profile Nieuwe Nieuwstraat 31


Oct 10, 2001




An exquisite chunk, thin cut and fine pressed! You can see a few heavier oil content layers near the edges. Smooth baby!


Fine polm scent; rich enough to smell through the bag. Nuff said....


One of the finest polm flavas of the year so far! Leaves a subtle sweet and incense like taste in the throat. This is one of those that i'd like to smoke without tobacco; savour the flavour.


A very "still" feeling sets over you. It's almost as if you freeze in space. My heartbeat was imperceivable; I had to check my chest to make sure I was still alive!


Excellent hash! Considering the heart-stop thing, this is NOT a good hash for beginners or those who get paranoid easily. As I told the Cisco crew, the El Guapo is a great place to pick up hash before a few drinks at the Vaaghuyzen. The menu changes here but the quality seems to remain solid...

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