SmokersGuide Event Profile

33rd Colorado Invitational Bong-a-Thon

Saturday 6 August 2016


Colorado Invitational Bong-a-Thon. North America's oldest 420 event. Competitive toking since 1974! It's not a myth, it's a lifestyle!


Events include:


Individual Bong-a-Thon
​​Enter into the Individual Bong-a-Thon.
Entry will included:
7 gram can of cannabis.
18" glass Bong-a-Thon Competition Bong!
Bong-a-Thon tray, poker, and lighter.


Relay Bong-a-Thon
​7 member Bong-a-thon Relay Teams! With each individual smoking a gram
and passing the bong to the next team member! First team to smoke the full 1/4 oz wins!


Open Bong-a-Thon​​
This event is OPEN to all invitees.
Simply bring:
Your own bong.
3.5 grams of cannabis.
and your personal loader!


Fastest Gram
Your gram of cannabis, our bong, and a stop watch! The top three fastest individuals will compete on stage for the fastest gram Saturday evening!


Dab Out
​BHO earwax competition! .10 gram of wax smoked every minute for as long as you can go . . ....till you dabout!


Team Bong-a-Thon
5 Man Bong-a-Thon Team! All smoking 1oz of cannabis out of acustom Bong-a-Thon glass Hookah! The only rules to 5 Man Hookah Competition is, There are NO rules!