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Amsterdam Halloween Festival 2015

Thursday 29 October 2015 - Sunday 1 November 2015


Amsterdam Spook celebrates its 15th edition of Halloween in Amsterdam this year! The 2015 Halloween costume party will be on 31 October, and annual Amsterdam Halloween Festival from 29 Oct-1 Nov.Throughout the week you'll find Amsterdam takes on an eerie feel as themed Halloween boats take to the canals, offering dinner & drinks to partygoers.  

Purely creative with a genuine love for Halloween. It’s how Halloween should be: lots of artists & performers, cool props, fun DJs, amazing costumes, themed cocktails, and no pretense.

A crew of volunteers, artists, SFX makeup artists and Halloween fans craft an immersive, mad experience. Themes have included Freak Show, Dead Famous, Dia de Los Muertos, Mad Science – and last year we took you sinners to the depths of hell with The Underworld.

Keep it spooky and smokey this halloween!