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7 votes Coffeeshop Basjoe ('t Gierenest) Review Rating: 3.7 out of 10 based on 7 votes.

Coffeeshop Basjoe ('t Gierenest)

Coffeeshop Basjoe ('t Gierenest)

Amstelveenseweg 61
1075 VV Amsterdam
tel: 020 6620985

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Previously known as Coffeeshop 't Gierenest.

It used to be in need of a bit of updating. Not long ago, it has become Coffeeshop Basjoe, from the same owners as the well know Basjoe Coffeeshop closeby the Nieuwemarkt. 

This shop is more of a "locals" spot, due to its location. It is right off the south gate of the Vondelpark, easily accessible by tram or a bike ride through the park.


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  • 2.7

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High price with minimum 2g purchase

Grim looking coffeeshop with mostly rude italian people inside. Minimum purchase was 2g and having to pay top prices for the buds as well.  Full details
  • 10.0

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this place was nice. Not as small as other places nearby. Few coffee shops near. Loved the weed and the music and overal atmosphere.  Full details