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Hunters Filiaal

Hunters Filiaal

Papaverweg 2
1032 KH Amsterdam
tel: 020 493 0713

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Located in Amsterdam Noord, Het Filiaal is part of the Hunters Coffeeshop chain.

The Het Filiaal coffeeshop lets you enjoy the Hunter's menu while in Amsterdam-Noord. The coffeeshop is more of a locals shop but tourists are very welcome.

Hunter's has one of the most diverse menus in the North. Make sure you visit one of the fine Hunter's Bars before the ridiculous plan 1012 goes into effect.



  • Designated Smoking Room
  • Indica
  • Sativa
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  • 7.3

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It's grim up north

There aren't many good coffeeshops in Amsterdam Noord, but Het Filiaal is a little different. It was a locals coffeeshop, and still has that atmosphere, but they are now ran by Hunters so the menu and the quality of the weed has improved a little. They have a smaller selection selection than the other... Full details



A smooth sweet ride to relaxation, and maybe some creative stimulation. A great flavor for those terp hunters! go