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Social Cannabis Clubbing

Social Cannabis Clubbing

Jan van Galenstraat 24
1051KM Amsterdam

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Social Cannabis Clubbing at Club Lite in Amsterdam: a party night with vape, smoke and danceable music. The party is hosted and founded by a group of people in the Amsterdam Cannabis Culture. Featuring lectures by Soma of Soma's Sacred Seeds and lots more.

** Rules **
- You must be 18 years or older, and present valid ID
- Please don't behave (over)drunk, we don't like that so much...
- No Selling of cannabis inside by anyone

Every visitor recieves a free goodie bag with the value of € 25!

* Shopping: During the party you can also buy seeds, foods, (alcoholic drinks) and later in the evening (>23:00) chairmassage on a free donation basis. Vaporizers available, but bring your own VAPORIZER PEN with you if you like!

EXTRA FREE SECOND PARTY !!! : At 1:00 in the night we open the doors, for free, for our party-visitors to another party in Club Lite: Samskara. Likewise, the visitors from Samskara can have a free visit to and taste some sacred plants at the Social Cannabis Party.



** Atmosphere **

You know that feeling when you’re hanging out with friends in a nice coffeeshop and a good song comes on and you want to get up and dance and create your own little party? But of course you can’t cause it’s a coffeeshop and nobody does that. Well, at this event, you can! Social Cannabis Clubbing offers the best of all elements! Music, lounging, chilling, smoking, dancing, friends, laughter, food, drinks, conversation and unity. This is a first for Amsterdam! This is not a dancehall event nor will it be solely reggae focused; it is a dance party with all sorts of music, people from around the world and the freedom to drink, smoke a joint and dig the vibes. So there you have it. Come co-create with us and make everything possible!

** Food **

* Raw munchies from Emma's Kitchen to still the tiny and little cravings... Featuring: Raw Mango Pie, Raw Chocolate Pie and Chocolate-Goddess Elena Chip Cookies, Chocolate, Tortilla Chips with fresh guacamole and salsa, Mexican Wraps and raw fruit pizza!

** DJs **

* Shambalion Family (Haarlem)
* DJ DaShank
* DJ Tino

and more..

** Vaporzing event **

Evert, a Dutch pioneer of vaporizing.

** Chair Massage **

Chair Massage on voluntary contribution
** Face Painting **

Professional facepainter Mila surprises with some interesting, plant-painted faces! She paints of free donation basis, so give what you feel like...

** Information stand VOC **

Verbond voor Opheffing van het Cannabisverbod [Association for Abolition of Cannabis Prohibition]

We are really happy to offer "VOC" a table at the party. This is a Dutch organisation which is striving for cancelling the constricting laws about Cannabis.

** Lecture Soma **

- 20:00 Lecture and question and answer with Soma. Soma is a multiple Cannabis Cup winner and will give a lecture and answer questions. For more info, or to write Soma a review: Soma's Sacred Seeds 

The party starts around 21:00 till 03:00 hr.

Tickets € 10 (door €12,50)
**Practical Information **

* How to get there:
- Visit: You can come to the party by bus 18, tram 12, and from Central Station: tram 13
- Return: In the night bus 352 will bring you back to Central Station

The first Cannabis Clubbing event took place on 19 September 2014. We are still awaiting an announcement be the organizors in regards to upcoming events...



  • Juices/Non-alcoholic drinks
  • Live DJs
  • Vaporizers
  • Seeds
  • Alcohol Bar
  • Dance Hall
  • Dancing
  • Jazz
  • Medical Marijuana
  • Reggae
  • Socializing
  • Soma Seeds
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