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Magic Truffles . Com

Magic Truffles . Com

Nieuwendijk 17
1012 LZ Amsterdam
tel: 020 638 0015

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The Magic Truffle brand delivers the best quality hallucinogenic truffles in Amsterdam. Grown with care, and delivered fresh to a smart shop fridge near you. 

The company behind Magic Truffles, Mycologics, focusses exclusively on the production of Magic Truffles. Their goal is to offer every adult who is looking for a psychedelic experience a safe product of high quality. They do this using their twenty-five year long experience with psychoactive mushrooms and truffles. This experience enables them to deliver products that come from a fully optimized process, in which both food safety standards and the best possible quality truffles are taken into account. 


Order online for grow kits; for in-shop purchasing of fresh truffles, visit the following shops:


Chills & Thrills

When Nature Calls

Magic Mushroom Gallery Singel

 Magic Mushroom Gallery Spuistraat 


History - The beginning In the year 1993, the founding brothers were separated from each other, confronted with the existence of the hallucinogenic mushrooms. They started the cultivation of mushrooms together in 1994. The very first self cultivated mushrooms were tested by a friendly artist who surfaced after 2 days with fantastic tales about indescribable experiences. This was the starting point for what later grew into the largest nursery for hallucinogenic mushrooms in the world. At first, the mushrooms were cultivated in aquariums, which the brothers found in the refuse dump. This did not last long because the aquariums were no longer suitable and other cultivation possibilities had to be explored. They swiftly had the idea of using empty mushroom nursery cultivation cells for cultivation. No sooner said than done. The brothers went in search of them and found them. After a year of mucking around with the generally surly nursery workers, it was high time that they built their own small nursery. And then it happened. MagicTruffles ensures that there are innovations. In the company's own words: "As a worldwide market leader, we have a name to uphold. Therefore we ensure that we regularly introduce innovations. But not just anyhow. We don't glue new, exotic labels onto existing truffles. No misleading practices. Develop a perfect product first. We carry out extensive research before we introduce a new type into the market. We test the truffle extensively in our laboratory. Just as we are certain of the high quality and cultivation technological feasibility which gives us first mover advantage in the shops". In the previous decades, 3 species of mushroom have been found, whose mycelium have the ability to form sclerotia. Psilocybe tampanensis Psilocybe mexicana A Psilocybe atlantis However, over the course of time, different names have arisen, such as: Philosophers’ Stones, Pajaritos, Teonanacatl, truffles, cosmic muesli etc. The names that you will come across on packages sound even more exotic. However, after the ban on mushrooms, for both technical and marketing reasons, 'new species' will and have emerged... The original Magic Truffles are available in various excellent Amsterdam smartshops, and online. The opening hours listed below refer to Chills & Thrills, a famous Amsterdam smartshop offering all Magic Truffle products. Search for 'magic truffles' on this site for a list of distribution points.


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Disclaimer: The Smokers Guide does not condone the use of controlled substances in countries where it is illegal to do so. This website (and Smokers Guide book) is for information and education on the progressive system here in the Netherlands. Don't ever mix, or take too much of any substance, always ask for advice from an experienced shop employee. Never purchase anything off the street - buy products only from reputable smartshops. Be respectful to others and never be afraid to ask for help if you are not feeling well. Enjoy, but always stay safe! For more tips and advice, click here.



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  • 8.8

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Magic Truffles are Good and Have Amazing Effects!!

Magic Truffles are actually Sclerotia, the underground product of different types of Magic Mushrooms. Magic Truffles give the user an unforgettable spiritual experience. The active substance in magic truffles is psilocybin, the same as in magic mushrooms. They have amazing effects to the brain and it can... Full details


  • 8.7

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Official Magic truffels store!

This place is the Official magic truffels store and for me that made a big differnece and it was nice to see. No strange arab guys trying to make you buy things you dont want just to make money. So the store did offer a good service and not only truffles also well´made bongs and vappens and more Full details


  • 8.0

2 people like this

The Truffle Brothers!

This place produces a hell of a lot of truffles! I'm not really much of a tripper but this company has been around for a while so I think they are pretty reliable. Full details


  • 7.0

1 people like this

Mail order mushrooms!

Truffles and mushroom grow kits delivered to my door :) didn't know it was possible before!!   Full details