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Full Moon Smartshop

Full Moon Smartshop

Nieuwendijk 42
1012 MN Amsterdam
tel: 003120 4633777

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Full Moon is a legendary smartshop that will fulfill all your smart product needs. Only 2 minutes walking from Centraal Station. Knowledgeable staff will help you plan a trip of your lifetime!

Over the last 10 years, Full Moon has built a very strong name for itself by providing quality smart products like magic truffles, smart herbs and post party products. It offers heaps of cool party clothing, fluorescent textiles and paintings as well as juggling gear and some of the best Amsterdam souvenirs. Visiting this shop is a true experience! The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable; this crew will give you the best information about the latest parties and gatherings in and around Amsterdam, as well as the best suggestions for places to trip in Amsterdam. Located just 2 minutes from Centraal Station, check 'em out!

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Disclaimer: The Smokers Guide does not condone the use of controlled substances in countries where it is illegal to do so. This website (and Smokers Guide book) is for information and education on the progressive system here in the Netherlands. Don't ever mix, or take too much of any substance, always ask for advice from an experienced shop employee. Never purchase anything off the street - buy products only from reputable smartshops. Be respectful to others and never be afraid to ask for help if you are not feeling well. Enjoy, but always stay safe! For more tips and advice, click here.




11:00 - LATE
11:00 - LATE
11:00 - LATE
11:00 - LATE
11:00 - LATE
11:00 - LATE
11:00 - LATE


  • Hemp clothing
  • After-E Pills
  • Fluorescent Accessories
  • Fresh Truffles
  • Herbal Energizers
  • Herbal XTCs
  • Juggling Products
  • Magic Truffles
  • Novelty Products
  • Party Clothing
  • Party Gear
  • Party Info
  • Psychoactive Herbs
  • Seeds
  • Sex Stimulants
  • Smokers Guide books
  • Smoking Paraphernelia
  • T-Shirts
  • Trance Clothing
  • Trippy Gifts
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  • 8.5

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They have a lot of smart drugs!

THis place has all types of smart products you are looking fro. I like the silly gifts they have in there too, always bringing the first things to the city and then a lot of people copying their style! Full details


  • 8.2

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A smartshop with a buzz!

It may seem like a regular souvenir shop at first glance, but it's got true trippers working there! I remember from back in the day when people used to flock from all around Europe to pass by this place. It was run by a Dutch girl and an Israeli guy. They were good people, always up for fun. They no longer... Full details


  • 9.5

2 people like this

trippy shop

The music and the fluorescent lights called me in. The guys who work there have been to a party or two, and have certainly tried all the products on themselves. They gave me good advice and were friendly. The prices seemed OK and the truffles got knocked my socks off!  Full details