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Greenhouse Centrum

O.Z. Voorburgwal 191

Review and Rating by AmsterDan

review created on : 22 Aug 14
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Great place to have a morning smoke and a cup of coffee

I have a love/hate relationship with the Greenhouse. Ive had some really great cannabis and then Ive had some lack luster cannabis. My biggest problem with Greenhouse is they wont let you touch the buds before you purchase them. Why do I want to touch the buds you may ask, because I have had some uncured super moist buds from GH. On the other side I have had some bomb superlemon haze and super silver haze. So I cant be too hard on the GH but I still cant believe how mosit some of the buds Ive bought have been. Next time(if i choose to give it another try) im asking the budtender to squeeze the buds for me so I can hear if its too moist. Dont ask for recommendations go off your own gut instinct.

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review created on : 22 Aug 14

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