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Kashmir Lounge

Jan Pieter Heijestraat 85

Review and Rating by jackplotterpsy

review created on : 19 Feb 14
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Amsterdam coffeeshops? Go to the Kashmir Lounge (Y)

We are in the West side of Amsterdam, between the crowded Overtoom and the hectic Kinkerstraat, away from the bustle of the tourist center but in the heart of a busy and a delicious little street of an Amsterdam less artifact to which we are used to. Looking around we are amazed by how this multitude of stores (food, electronics, design, florists, bakers, and many others) are able to live perfectly under the same flag, ethnic or of different categories, each proud of their origins, can give life to a vivarium that reflects exactly the liberal Dutch culture. It is in this context that we find the Kashmir Lounge. Divided into two shops, one in front of each other in the same street, this beautiful local refers, with cushions, lamps, candles and soft lighting, to a Middle Eastern style and welcomes you in a warm and relaxing atmosphere worthy of the best coffeeshop in the city. The smallest local is mostly used to sell and offers a long menu with excellent sativas, indicas and very special hashes. Prices are fair and reasonable and certainly meet all different economic needs. The largest one, instead, is the coffeeshop for excellence. If you're lucky and you come across a sunny day, you can take advantage of the benches and wooden tables placed outside the coffee, (sometimes a joint and a nice orange juice in the sun is the best choice), otherwise inside, however, you will be spoiled for choice. As soon as you enter you can see the interior design very impressive, lights, candles and colorful mosaics, then you begin to see the different wooden statues and the particularity of some furnishings including chairs, mats and various thrones. You never know where to sit because every place is comforting and offers you every time a different and interesting point of view. The bar counter is beautiful, well kept and organized, you can find pretty much everything, good coffee, good fresh juices, herbal teas and also the ability to consume beer. All around you, chairs, armchairs and sofas, a dining room with dj station for evenings with alternative music selections and another room with only low tables and cushions on the floor. (The last time I was there I died on the couch drinking hot chocolate and smoking a good amnesia haze mesmerized in front of the RGB projector set up to project the olympics :) Maybe for the particularity of the products or maybe for its affordability, this is definitely one of the best coffeeshops in town. Into the middle of a very nice neighborhood and not so turist, this coffee is always attended by very kind and friendly Dutch of any age or social status. I come willingly in this coffeeshop not only for the product and for the environment but also for the warmth of the people working there. I was always greeted with a smile from anyone, customers and owners, all very kind and helpful. I think this is the priority that all this kind of exercises should have (hard to find in the center). Judgement: Amsterdam coffeeshops? Go to the Kashmir Lounge (Y)

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review created on : 19 Feb 14

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