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Mellow Yellow

Vijzelgracht 33

Review and Rating by stoneygriffin

review created on : 10 Jun 11
  • 6.5
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  • 6.5

Their super polm is a wonderfully rounded high.

Decor was nice but it is a big shop. When I went there were very few people inside so it felt kind of lonely.
Marijuana menu: I promptly bought a gram of Super Polm and mixed it with the Jack Herer I brought from earlier. Even though the polm is supposed to be a sativa it still managed to level out the energy of the Jack giving me a nice level buzz all over.
Service & staff: Service wasn\'t bad but a little inattentive, which was surprising because there werent very many people in there.
Summary : Their super polm is a wonderfully rounded high.

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review created on : 10 Jun 11

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