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St. Antoniesbreestraat 71

Review and Rating by Tuckerborr

review created on : 25 Jan 10
  • 9.0
marijuana menu
  • 8.0
customer service
  • 8.0

in the top 5 for me love this place.

not much of the ground floor ofcorse, the weed is upstairs lol. cool bar and vaporisers. you can see onto the street pretty cool from the 1st floor
Marijuana menu: Star Warz in the vaporiser got me stoned for sure. Super Lemon Haze, Warlock, Skunk, Crystal Glow, Northern Lights White Widow. good selection fair prices
Service & staff: cool people. one of the guys was eating pizza upstairs he was really chatty and ended up smoking a bit with us. perks of the job i guess.
Summary : in the top 5 for me love this place.

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review created on : 25 Jan 10

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