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Barneys Coffeeshop

Haarlemmerstraat 102

Review and Rating by Greg

review created on : 19 Mar 03
  • 9.0
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customer service
  • 10.0

Barney's is one of my top three shops, along with the Noon and Rokerij

Hard, but not impossible to get in with wheelchair. Cool sculpted tables. Bob Dylan on the CD player was replaced by Pearl Jam CD I made for Barney's. Nice touch of home! I was there early and was not rushed or crowded.
Marijuana menu: AWESOME! I visited 34 shops in 13 days and Sweet Tooth was the only weed that got on top of me. A total whiteout after only two bong hits was averted by timely application of fresh grapefruit juice! Also tried the Temple Ball and Morning Glory.
Service & staff: If you get your ass out of bed and get there early it is fine. Miriam was great with the weed and the food. If you get there later don't bitch and moan. Remember there is usually one waitress and she has to deal with all you stoned tourists!
Summary : Barney's is one of my top three shops, along with the Noon and Rokerij. Cool people, good food, great tunes and a free bud of the CC winner Morning Glory before it was available to the general public (Thanks Derry!) as thanks for the PJ CD made this the p????????? ?????????� ?????????????????

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review created on : 19 Mar 03

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