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Rokerij - CLOSED 2011

Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 41

Review and Rating by Puffin13

review created on : 25 Dec 02
  • 8.0
marijuana menu
  • 8.0
customer service
  • 7.5

I feel this is a good coffeeshop choice for most people

Nice decor! mellow vibe. semi-dark which makes for good chillin. the ceiling fans are cool and so is the mantra on the wall
Marijuana menu: Some great weed to be had here. Not the cheapest but excellent quality, normally. Sometimes the dealer is not friendly, but that depends on the dealer working.
Service & staff: The girls here are all beautiful and they have table service. Freindly, hard working and very helpful.
Summary : I feel this is a good coffeeshop choice for most people. Spacious, nice vibe and a (mostly) friendly staff. HIGHly Recommended!

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review created on : 25 Dec 02

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