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Barneys Coffeeshop

Haarlemmerstraat 102

Review and Rating by mystery

review created on : 10 Jan 02
  • 7.0
marijuana menu
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customer service
  • 4.0

To wrap it up in a nutshell, I'd go back for the breakfast

Nice. Just nice. Really crowded even in the winter. Go early if you want breakfast.
Marijuana menu: Tried their CC weed. The sweet tooth was shit in my opinion. The mekong haze wasn't any better. Maybe they sold me other weed that wasn't selling. I tried 1 bong hit of each and gave the rest away to another tourist. Sorry.
Service & staff: Very friendly for being so damn busy. I really liked that part of the visit. Busy, yet takes the time to care. If only they had better weed.
Summary : To wrap it up in a nutshell, I'd go back for the breakfast. Maybe I am too heavy a smoker to be affected by their products.

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review created on : 10 Jan 02

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