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Wiet Gruis Mix

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Wiet Gruis Mix
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Sep 25, 2009


This is the first time we have ever reviewed "gruis" (NL) which loosely translates to "shake" in English. This sample is a mix of a variety of loose leaves and/or smaller bud clippings. You may find strains like Power Plant, Shiva and occasionally Amnesia Haze in these bags; it is always random... It may be a "POTluck" but the cost is only €5 per gram!


Well, it is indeed GRUIS. There are a few buds here and there so it's not all shake, but the majority is fairly loose. That said, and there are still many nice little pieces and broken bits of calyx all over the place. There are lots of crystals clinging to the inside of the bag and if you look further, you will see there are lots of leaves that are covered with powder too. Obviously, that's a good sign, indicating that the original weed that is used is of top quality.


To my surprise, the Gruis is not too "green" or wet in scent. I got a whiff of something minty-citral and that seemed to dominate what other smells were also in there...


OK, it is not spectacular in flav but it is far better than one would expect when smoking shake! It is slightly citrusy and at times you can really taste the lemon coming through strong. Even the real leafy parts are not "grassy" at all and have a neutral type of flavour.


I was plesantly buzzing immediately after smoking half of the joint. The buzz increased to make me feel softly stoned. Throw in a few mild visuals with a touch of trippiness, and I was well on my way to a lovely day without worrying about coming down too hard! :)


With so many top-priced weeds for sale in most coffeeshops these days, it is always interesting to try a cheaper option. I am not sure this will excite many hard-core tokers, except for the fact that you can buy a lot of this for a little price! I would even consider using this stuff as a tobacco substitute to roll my hash joints. Overall, it is actually quite decent gear for the price...

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