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Koffieshop Birdy

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Aug 30, 2010


Sativa/Indica hybrid. Bio. "Knetter" means "nuts" or "crazy" in Dutch.


From first sight, you know this is going to be a great: This weed looks like it was created by some mad scientist! Just check out the bud on your screen and know that the crystals are even more insane in real life. These pieces of weed are incredibly "furry"� in fact, these are looking meaner than a tarantula's legs!


As you pull the bud out of the bag there is a nice scent that is fresh and peppery. It has that icy-mint smell that is always associated with Afghani hash plants. When you grind this up ( best to have a grinder with gear this sticky and fluffy!) you get a rush of these ripe buds dripping with THC.


This definitely tastes like it is related to the ol'skool Power Plant that is such a good producer of large, resinous buds. There is a "green" flav found in these types of strains that every pro-toker will be familiar with.


After a few hits of this, the FX came on gradually (Creeper Weed) and I began to feel a bit hit by gravity; it made my ass firmly planted on the wooden stools inside of the Birdy! The "ride" intensified as I continued taking big hits off of a fat cone. At that point, I stared at the table football, wondering if I could manage to get up and challenge a friendly local to a game... but I was too stoned!


I was very pleased to visit Haarlem for the day and find some really strong weed for a much cheaper price than you�d find in A�dam. If you are a fan of jumbo, crystal-covered buds, then this weed is just for you! Go Knetter!

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Koffieshop Birdy

Schoterweg 19
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