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Willie Nelson

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Willie Nelson
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Nov 30, 2005


CC entry 2005. Sativa: Vietnamese & Nepalese. Reeferman Seeds. Bio. (Apparently grown & named for Willie himself!)


Looking simply delicious, these pieces are packaged in a superb Barney's designer box (NOT Barney's of NYC;) If CC entries were being judged on this clever new approach to baggies, then Barney's would take that prize as well. Blimey, the thing looks like something that came out of an adult-version gumball-machine!!! All sparkly and rainbowed with an extra keychain lanyard so you can hang round your neck? Too cool, and I haven't even gotten close to the "hermetically" sealed weed yet! Once you get the little bubble pack open, you are met with� Slender crystal-drenched buds with tiny little leaves that are extra light green, nearly "glowing" like the uranium rod that falls in Homer's shirt in the Simpsons! I couldn't bear to use a grinder on this gorgeous weed.


Like a fresh garden salad, the "natural goodness" comes flowing out. After breaking up and preparing a full bowl, I was already SO stoned from the first bowl, I let it sit out the whole night. Next a.m., groggy and hungover after a night at the Melkweg, the weed still had a strong scent! Now, that's a good test!


As I smoked this I thought of a spicy chicken salad with celery leaves sprinkled on top, to go with this weed's scent and flavour; Spice & Sweet. Maybe I could convince the chefs over at the Barney's Brasserie to whip some up for me next time�


This weed makes you smile! Extremely visual-flashy gear. It could be chatty with the right crew, but I was solo, getting "introspective". You are just plain stoned here. What can I say? A tumbling, bumbling, stumbling ride was had on this weed. One vapour hit and I was going great. (And that's rare for me.) By the 2nd vriphit I was just FLYING!


It was a strange day; sun beams alternated with golden-lined, slow moving clouds. The room I sat in took on a bizarre "set change" every few minutes like some mad stage play. This is truly excellent weed: Conceived, produced and packaged with care and CLASS.

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Barneys Coffeeshop

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Barney's Lounge

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