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Aggie Puntjes

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Aggie Puntjes
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Oct 10, 2001


This is one of the best guarded secrets of Morocco! Long-ago most Moroccan hash was made by collecting cannabis resin, pressing it and then boiling it in extracted hash oil and re-pressing. The hash was kept in bags where they formed into the shape of the corners (or points) of the bag, known as Puntjes. Aggie is the only place where you can find this gear!


As you can see from the foto, this stuff looks very impressive at first sight. It's quite dark for a Moroccan hash, with a darker oily exterior and a slightly lighter cake-like interior. It is fairly hard in consistency, but breaks up well as you prepare it for a spliff. Compared to the Puntjes we reviewed back in the day, this is obviously the 'real deal'. It's not too dry and you can see from the structure that it is not really a layered polm but more of a 'pressed jewel'.


When you open the bag, you immediately can smell the fresh flowery and very perfumed/minty aroma. As it burns the smoke released in the air is strong and thick. It fills the room quickly and hangs about the area for daze.


The flav is fine, really sharp and oily tasting. This is a result from the dry-come-vapourous pressing technique; much of the oil is "locked in" to the centre of these blocks, because not much air flows after the pressing!


The FX come on quickly as soon as you exhale the first few tokes. You feel gravity begin pulling you into your seat (or sofa in my case). Everything just seems real breezy and your body goes into 'cruise control'. These relaxing feelings seem to last for quite a long time; there's a 'dopey peacefulness' for a few hours after a few draws of the Puntjes.


Well, this is certainly one of the finer specialty Moroccan hashes that I've smoked. The FX seem perfect for stressful people who are looking to just chill-out and let their minds and body take a 'break' from the hectic pace of life' If you are into lighter hashes but wanna try something besides the common super-polms, this is one worth making a trip to Aggie for; it's good of them going to all the trouble to bring it back!

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