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Super Maroc

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Super Maroc
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Aug 15, 2003


Moroccan Super Polm.


Cut into thick square-shaped pieces, this hash has a solid, but not too hard consistency. The "outer skin" has almost the same look as the interior which is a bit lighter, without too many layers like you sometimes see in hashes like this. There is a powdery-ness to this hash, which is only felt as you break it apart easily.


The scent is fresh and sweet. There is a minty-polm smell that always reminds me of a chocolate-mint candy. When you burn it, the smell of a perfumed polm fills the air.


This burns really well in a joint, and the oils ooze out onto the rest of the rolling mixture within the first few tokes. As it burns down, the flava intensifies and becomes even more luxurious.


You don't need too much of this to be pleasantly buzzing. After only a few puffs, you are ready to pass it on, and sit back watching the people walk by... dreamy.


The flavour is lovely, and there is something very nice and settling about this gear. It just puts you into a nice mellow mindset, which can be very helpful during super hectic times in your life! Relax.

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Betty Boop - CLOSED

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