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Nepal Temple Balls

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Nepal Temple Balls
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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Cafe 420 De Kuil

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Jul 22, 2002


Nepal, Hand-pressed hash.


Who busted my balls?!? Fear not, all is in order here: It looks dark brown, oily and CLEAN. No fibers, hairs or other contaminants. As you begin to break it apart, the darker shiny layers give way to a slightly lighter Oreo cookie-like interior; Sweet Meat (darker hash) lovers will be in love at first sight.


Smells softly like marinated sweet onions roasted over wood coals. Slightly salty, slightly "charred" smell. I had to keep squeezing it and smelling it... If you look at this photo, you'll see my anxious fingers were all over this piece!


Sweet and rich... really delicious to taste for beginners but if you are an experienced dark hash smoker, you will be extremely pleased with the smoothness. The flava is extremely pure. A bit sweet, no spice. A mild numb with no stinging so it doesn't hurt the back of the throat at all.


This gives you a really well-rounded high for a darker hash; you get a bit "buzzy" at first, chatting quicker and making faster movements but then as that part of the high slows down, you begin to get a real relaxed mind-set and feel like casually gazing at the people walking by...


This is a Top-Shelf hash to be enjoyed by all levels of smoker: Beginners will enjoy it for the non-paranoid and happy combo of FX, while the pros will love the refined flavour and burn!

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