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Wolkewietje - CLOSED 2004

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Oct 10, 2001


Mostly Indica. Strains involved here are unknown or "secret".


Really "fuzzy" lookin' weed. Fat-ass orange hairs stick out like wee snakes fighting with each other! There is a thick and heavy yellow and white powder that covers all. Tight, ball shaped clusters make up these compact beauties! Breaks apart soft and velvety; perfectly cured.


Sweet, fresh and lightly fruity. There is a small amount of cat piss that gives it that "you know it's gonna be strong" smell! The ammonia here is not too heavy, so the fruit stays strong on your tongue.


After the smell wasn't too overpowering fruit, I was expecting the taste to be soft as well. To my surprise (but as the name says), there is a tangy "berry" flava somewhere here. Much like drinking a mixed berry herbal tea while smoking a spliff. Unlike strains tied to the "berry family" like Blueberry varieties, I could see why they'd name this differently as the taste and scent tends to be a bit more acidy and acrid, like Raspberries!


This is a very intense high. Visually trippy for the most part but there is also an edge you can fall over toward a deep stone. This is what happens if you smoke past your limit. At that point, you start goin' doo-lally, nut-nut! Do NOT pick some of this up on the way to late night shopping on the Nieuwendyk; you will blow all your cash on things you don't need, or worse yet, you don't want... (i.e. when you come down from Raspberry-Land, see the big pink plastic eurocoin-piggy bank and you say "DOH"!)


This was such a great name I was thinking it could never live up to, but without a doubt, this one came through proudly. Everything is familiar to experienced smokers, yet there is a little "twist". I like the flavours but the high-to-stoned feeling is really nice for this type of Indica. Well rounded.

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