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La Canna Coffeeshop (CLOSED)

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Oct 10, 2001


Morocco. Named after the smallest size of the mesh used in the screen/sieve which is called "00". Because it's the smallest diameter, only the crystals should fall through to be pressed, leaving the plant material for later shakes.


Pretty dark and dry. It looks like a piece of dried mud. Flat, layered and kinda crusty. It doesn't have a consistent colour from skin and within. This indicates impurity. It don't look good at this point!


A soft sandy scent. Not as strong as fine polms in the choco-mint side of things. This is quite light. It burns like a polm for the most part.


It tastes a little like... "why am I smoking something that's burning?" Understand what I mean? Kinda like chomping on a bit o' burning wood chips!


Marginal high. My lungs felt too scorched from the smoke for me to enjoy any kind of high I felt. It had me a bit worried I that I smoked so much for a Field Note.


Normally i'd give this a miss. This might've been a called "00" but may well have been dubbed "The Big Zero". One of our "mystery shoppers" bought some and then identified himself as an S-Guide rep; the house dealer said "wait, try something else". Too late!

I've seen a lot better from La Canna. I'd go for some other samples from them and save your money for using the toilet.

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