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White Rhino

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White Rhino
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Oct 10, 2001


AKA, White Rino; it's a White Widow crossed with ??? Hydro.


Yellow, crystalled and FF Furry-Fuzzy! I actually got too baked to see it clearly up close. Everything looked "fuzzy" under the office lights! In any event this hearty bud was strong and white in looks and character.


At first scent, wet hay and cat piss greet you! (Funny how smokers drool over smells that turn most people's stomachs!) There is certainly an ammonia-pine with all these crystals, naturally. It has a nice, sweet underbody but what's strange is the kind of aroma-therapy qualities it has. You know eucalyptus or lavender, and how they give an almost physical burning sensation in your nostrils? That's how weeds like this are!


Flowery and slightly sweet. The odd part is the slightly soapy flava. I've tasted this before but I am not sure what's up. Hydro or genetically induced? The jury's out...


Very, I mean VERY strong high here. Bordering on psychedelic, particularly in the wee hours! Visuals prevail as hardest impact of the high; at FIRST! Then you are mashed with an insane body-numbing. A bit clumsy but rather nice.


White Rhino finally makes an appearance in my Field Notes. Thanks to the myriad emails and posts on the message board (including one progressive cop), J went and found some of this "endangered" strain from Rick's Cafe. This was indeed a fine sample of this heavy hitter.

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