SmokersGuide Event Profile

420 Freedom Festival 2017

Friday 21 April 2017 - Sunday 23 April 2017

Cow Palace
2600 Geneva Ave
94014 Daly City, CA

Hempcon is a medical marijuana show catering to those who may benefit from the medical use of marijuana. This will be one of the premiere events of the year with live entertainment and a huge amount of exhibits including medical marijuana dispensaries, collectives, caregivers, evaluation services, legal services, educational institutions, equipment, accessories, and many more.

This will also be an educational event with a full weekend of seminars and presentations by industry leaders, advocates, and attorneys. Whether you are a patient or someone who wants to learn more about medical marijuana, there is something for everyone.

Open to all over 18, medical evaluations available on-site! Outdoor and indoor areas, all Prop 215 friendly!