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Haarlemmerstraat 44

Review and Rating by HungrySmoker

review created on : 03 Oct 13

Grass is the way

There is some fine weed to be obtained in this place. Its very expensive, but i guess its worth it since i do not remember much about this place at all. Lots of good delicious food in the area, so when you stumble out of this coffee shop, red eyed and zombie like, blinded by the bright lights... for sure your snack attacks will be met by envigorating refreshments along the way! Especially popular, are the waffles, layered with chocolate, bananas and whipped cream. Of course this is understandable, since this whole area is littered with coffee shops, tourists, and waffle places. If you ever get really paranoid about eating bad food in this area, just order one of those waffles somewhere -- i can personally assure you they are always fresh!

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review created on : 03 Oct 13

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