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Rusland 16

Review and Rating by viking

review created on : 23 Jun 03
  • 9.0
marijuana menu
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customer service
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This was the first time for me in Rusland, but not the last

Had a nice time hanging out here during the Smokers Guide Friends 2003 Cup in March. We were spawled out over all three levels:) Impressive glassware display and comfortable seating. Easy to converse with friends.
Marijuana menu: I had so much gear with me from other shops that I don't think I bought any here. Fellow cuppers seemed to like the menu, with several saying the Santa Maria (weed?) was quite good. Samples (see below) were all quite nice:)
Service & staff: The guy who served me my drink was real friendly. We were also given a private tour of their glassblowing area upstairs which was kinda cool.
Summary : This was the first time for me in Rusland, but not the last. They were also nice enough to give us lots of free samples from their menu after we presented them with the winning SGF Cup. When you're next in Amsterdam, check the shop out!

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review created on : 23 Jun 03

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