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Greenhouse Centrum

O.Z. Voorburgwal 191

Review and Rating by Kate

review created on : 26 Nov 02
  • 8.0
marijuana menu
  • 8.0
customer service
  • 8.0

Loved the Greenhouse

The decor in here was great, so many different materials used, I love the canabis leaf based bar stools and the bar itself (sort of marble with crystaly clusters through it) is particularly useful to warm your hash as it is lit from beneath.
Marijuana menu: I bought some silver pearl from here which was a really smooth heady smoke, a friend of mine kindly shared a spliff or three with me of his large bag of bubblegum from here - also a very fine toke. Impressive.
Service & staff: The waitress here was an English girl, very friendly and helpful. Always smiling and ALWAYS cleaning. I really liked this place. Also the dealer was helpful and friendly,gives his honest opinion and is also V.Nice lookin
Summary : Loved the Greenhouse. Must go back and visit hte other two, as I only went to the one opp Suzies in the Centrum

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review created on : 26 Nov 02

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