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Raw Garden Live Resin (Strain Name: Slymer)

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Raw Garden Live Resin (Strain Name: Slymer)
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Review by Stoney Griffin -

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Barbary Coast

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Feb 26, 2018



I bought this Raw Garden Live Resin at Barbary Coast for $45.   


The Color is definitely a nice Golden Hue, reminds me of golden wheat fields or a cob of corn before it goes on the grill.  


The Taste reminds me of lemon but a little more on the sweet side.   


The citrus smells carry over to the palate and it seems to get a little more tart.   


The effects were definitely noticeable! After doing some low-temp dabs the minute I stood up I got major head rush! Then it settles down into a nice "lazy" high.  Had some good laughs at silly Netflix shows.  Best part for me was the high wore off in about an hour and I could go on about my day!  


While I was skepitcal at first, I was pleasantly surprised.  I was skeptical simply because with one exception, every other product in that category was almost 2-3x the price of this one.  I don't have a large basis for comparison but I think I would definitely try some of the other flavors offered by Raw Garden. I can't speak for the other flavors but this one was definitely a good value for the money! I will most definitely be trying the other ones.   

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