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Vanilla Macaroons

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Vanilla Macaroons
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Utopia Farms

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Feb 27, 2017


California based Utopia Farms uses all natural ingredients in their mostly vegan, raw and paleo food products.


Packaged very nicely into little sample bags, each sealed individually with 15mg of THC in each cookie.

The cookie is a bit firm and crunchy on the outside and a little crumbly on the inside, like a proper macaroon.

Seems well made and I am looking forward to eating it.


When I opened the foil bag, I immediately smelled a fresh vanilla and coconut scent with just a hint of weed.


The taste is much like the scent but with much more of a coconut coming through, particularly with the raw coconut strands that occasionally get stuck in your teeth! 


This type of sample dose allows for you to take a smaller amount without getting too out of it!

I definitely felt the effects and was very happy and giggly for most of the day.

After the initial rush, my stomach felt very relaxed and I could imagine that it would aid in digestion with the fibre and all the coconut. :)


I am not normally a big fan of coconut but this vanilla cookie was really tasty! The effects were what you would expect from 15mg of THC and for medical purposes, I think this is much more healthy option on the market than those of high fructose, glucose and other yucky stuff! 

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  • 7.2

thought these could be more powerful!

i got these at a festival and ate three of them, that were 15mg THC i think. THe cookies tasted good and fresh, but for a big guy like me, the high was not as strong as i was expecting. It was relaxed and soft which was cool for me that day. I am a big dude, but I also was on empty stomach and early morning... Full details