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Burmese Kush

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Burmese Kush
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Dec 31, 2006


Master Kush crossed with.... Bio.


Frosties! Mother Nature did a number on this one. This weed is another awesome creation from THSeeds, you can see it right away. They are literally covered with large resin "globs", this one simply glistens in the (rare) Nederland sun. Luckily enough, the month of November has been very mild and the sunrays that made it through the window created a great view into this incredibly gorgeous herb. Not too many coli to be found here and when they are, fairly light in colour.


You better have a gas mask at hand when you are breaking these bad boys up! Without a doubt, this may be the most aromatherapeutic weed on the streets these daze! It just reeks of a pine cleanser and solvent, perhaps a PineSol?


The taste is smooth; you would hardly know just how resinous this on the inhale as it so well cured. The bud is so good, I can't wait for the FX. The expansion as it burns is serious... make sure you don't have anyone nearby you; you are likely to shower �em with a bit of spray! Flav is rich and gingery and there is an incredible aftertaste left behind on the palette. We swilled down a Merlot-Shiraz and got set for a hearty roast; I was just relaxing, enjoying the combo of tastes and then�


BAM! It hits you quickly and you are thrown back into your chair. Don't have too much planned if you are about to smoke this weed cos you�ll be sore at yourself for being slack. I really got into a bunch of heavy thoughts on this one before I realised that I was hammered by the "Buku".


I have never tried a properly grown strain from THSeeds that I didn't enjoy. Here you have a sample that doesn't necessarily wow you as much as the SAGE&Sour variety as far as taste goes but this certainly represents a sublime blend of steady-smooth heavy moods with very fresh flav.

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