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Nov 11, 2004


Jack Herer x Super Silver Haze, Bio. NB: Name has no relation to the caf� across the road, according to James who is Barney's "main man" ( least when Derry isn't there!)


Exquisite golden-green Christmas tree shaped buds. You need not look too closely; you can spot the crystal covered surface from nearly an arm's length! Tiny leaves and incredibly dense, it almost "snaps" apart. Drop it right under your eyes and you�ll see the crystal towers reaching out in 3D. No Canna-nerd microscope needed! When it's broken up (with great effort) you are facing a small pile of green & gold dust.


Burned, it sets a "romantic" atmosphere with an alluring seductive scent. It leans toward the Haze genetics with a mainly medicinal-eucalyptus cleaning solution. So potent in smell, your lungs almost "burn" (in an aromatherapeutic way) from deeply inhaling over a freshly ground cone's worth. Actually smells a bit fruity in its fresh form.


Mainly licorice, this was great with a fresh honey-chamomile tea. I think it would go well with a grilled salmon & dill meal accompanied with a lovely light Chardonnay wine. It is SO vapourous when it's released, your lungs feel filled with "THC gas".


Before I even finished writing about the taste, I had forgotten what I was meant to be doing! After one toke, I flashed back to a rollercoaster at Six Flags Holland called Superman. It starts in a dark tunnel from a dead stop and accelerates up to what feels like 200 km (esp. when baked). There are thousands of light strips that begin to blur into one massive blue light as you burst outta the tunnel with your heart racing! Now that IS a rush!


Given the taste and FX, this will be my personal pick for the HolliDaze; perfect for a bunch of good friends & fam over for a "dope dinner party". It gets me tweaked out and really giggly. It was top for some laughs and I was still left awake and dancing around like a fool after the FX died down a bit�

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