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Lebanon Red

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Lebanon Red
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Jan 27, 2003




This "brown beauty" is something of a blend of a sandy texture with a cake-like structure. Solid yet soft, this fine hash bends before breaking. This is a nice combo; very nice to look at closely in the sunlight if you can get out of the coffeeshop without smoking it all!


Sweet choco-mint; slightly alcholic a la Bailey's Irish Cream. When it burns though, the unmistakable smell of fine dry-pressed "hash perfume" fills the air. Very rich and not dry or stale in any way.


A bit tingly in the back of the throat. (Which is usually more of a dark-hash effect) This is a really nice flav; I smoked a bit of it in a pipe and it bubbled up richly and burned pure. This had no hint of "chalk" or dusty taste that most Lebanese hashes tend to carry. This was more like a top shelf polm.


You are in a zone on this softly stoned ride. Things kind of shift into cruise-control and for an hour or so you feel mildly dazed and certainly happy.


Besides this being a smooth flavour and high, you may want to keep this handy for special evenings: This is the kind of hash to smoke before you are having dinner with a friend who talks a lot; just sit back and listen as hours pass by like minutes! Chillin'...

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Cafe 420 De Kuil

Oudebrugsteeg 27
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