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Oct 10, 2001




Man this stuff is sticky-icky! This stuff was stuck to the bag so I took it out and twisted it like a..... Tornado. Dark brown; almost black, but still layered like a polm. I tried to break it up and it stuck to my fingers like paste. Post-skin as the spliff was ready to burn, my fingers were covered in oil.


Sweet and minty; a bit more like a sweet Nepal or somethin'. As I let the flav distance itself from the tobac I really started to taste the choco-mint! Too nice for b-doctorian words...


This gear looked so tasty, I had to try a lil piece in me mouth. Minty and rich, a pinch o' salt, not too spicy and more sweet like a bowl of flowers with chocolate milk poured over it; B-Doc Hash O's cereal, straight up!

Where's my sponsorship Kelloggs?


Nice "settling" high for me, much like a polm but when I smoke a few more hits I begin to get some jumpy feelings and light visuals. I think the sedate feeling was a result of the odd ultralight natural tobacco we used.


I really liked this Tornado; a beautiful blend of my fav's. It has the smoothness and refinement of a polm with the layers en that, but then the flav and scent is so much more like some dark mid-east cream. I got a few bits o' plastic (see B.D.T.S. "Those Damn Plastic Bits") on this sample so keep an eye out when skinnin' up in dark spots!

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Route 66

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