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  • Win Free SG Gear!
    Win Free SG Gear! Do it!

    These two lucky women were spotted using our book and were given 2 dope t-shirts right on the spot.

  • Good Ganj Is Worth the Wait
    Good Ganj Is Worth the Wait Review Barney's

    Ever visited one of the Barney's shops? Let us know your opinions.

  • Big Buddha in da house!
    Big Buddha in da house!

    We got our hands on some of this Cheese Wax; review to follow soon... :p

Our Amsterdam System Works

Many people feel that Amsterdam is 'anything goes'... and to be honest, as long as you are not hurting anyone else, it pretty much is. But lately it seems our government is concerned with us hurting ourselves!
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Welcome to the Smokers Guide!

Our BushDoc has tested many of the different kinds of Marijuana and Cannabis that are on sale in the coffee shops of Amsterdam, with marijuana pictures and reports on each strain.
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420 Day Celebrated by Millions around the World - But what is 420 and what are its origins?

420, or 4-20, or 4/20, also called 420 Day or Cannabis Day is day of celebration for the Cannabis culture. Many people will gather together on this day to consume and celebrate Cannabis, aka Marijuana aka Weed. Around the world people will be...
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Cannabis Cup 2013 winner is:

The GreenPlace! Hooked up with Devil's Harvest with their entry Rollex OG Kush. We will have some great reviews of all of the top weeds in town. Stay posted.
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TH Seeds and Hempworks

SGTV speaks with co-founder Doug, as he describes their Cannabis Cup 2013 entries and shows off his lovely Hemp Hoodlamb jacket.
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Weed over tobacco, any day.

As we all know by now, the world war against tobacco has officially begun. Official figures show an estimate of 3.5 million people dying yearly from tobacco-related diseases around the world! Governments are passing new laws, disallowing tobacco...
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